Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slash, Welcome To The Jungle Of Indonesia

Oneof the world's legendary rock guitarist Saul Hudson, or that are oftenaddressed as 'Slash' duet with vocalist Myles Kennedy, Alter BridgeBand will entertain fans in Indonesia.
"NowI am relieved because Slash featuring Myles Kennedy will be playing inIndonesia since the first news conference with reporters only noticeit," said Abdul Gani Hasani, President of Entertainment Mahaka asorganizers in a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Slash feat. MylesKennedy's 2010 World Tour Concert will perform in two cities inIndonesia, namely Expo in Surabaya of East Java (31 / 7) and IstoraSenayan, Jakarta (3 / 8). Surabaya International artists are selectedto increase know about Indonesia and not only in Jakarta or Bali. Organizers also noted, is the second largest city of Surabaya in Indonesia.
"ActuallySlash ditampil only in one city that is Jakarta, but since thenjatahnya Bangkok Bangkok riot taken up by Indonesia and fell toSurabaya. Now we just pray, hopefully Indonesia will not riot, said Hasani joked with reporters.
Slashis well known as a reliable guitarist in the Band Gun N 'Roses with thehit single "Sweet Child O'Mine" and "November rain" will appear withthe formation, and additional players are Lead Guitar: Slash, Vokalist:Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), Rhythm Guitar:Bobby Schneck (Weezer, Green Day and Aerosmith), Bass: Todd Kerns (Ageof Electric) and Drums: Brentz Fitz (Vince Neil and Alice Cooper).
EntertainmentMahaka also presents "All Indonesian Rock Star", a combination ofseveral players rock band that is homeland Negara (Slank), John Paul Ivan, Yuke (Dewa), Baron (soulmate), Yoyo (PAdi), Candil and Sandy(Band) ."concert we will not just play music, but we will bring before theartist's name initernasional country," says guitarist Baron soulmate.
"All Indonesian Rock Star" will be the opening act in concert Slash feat. Myles Kennedy's 2010 World Tour Concert in Jakarta and Surabaya.
Ticket prices for the reservations in Jakarta, VIP. Rp. 750 thousand, Festival Rp. 450 thousand, the Tribune I Rp. Tribune II 350 thousand and USD. 250 thousand, while the ticket prices in Surabaya Festival I Rp. FestivalII 350 thousand and 250 thousand USD. "Why is there a difference inprice, at Expo East Java all the spectators will stand as no differentfrom the Istora seat," said Hasani.
Alittle about Slash, Gun N 'Roses has sold more than 100 million albumsworldwide and creating a voice in the guitar riffs in sigle hitsnya"Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Welcome to the Jungle". Slash also appeared with world renowned musician Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles.

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